Wavetrend's market-leading RFID solutions offer continuous, real-time, automated tracking of all your business assets and equipment. You can have complete control of your inventory and full knowledge of the position of all critical items.

The total visibility on location and condition of assets delivered by Wavetrend’s solutions allows your business to:

  • Improve productivity by minimising downtime due to missing or lost equipment.
  • Have total visibility for your entire asset inventory at all times.
  • Save money and staff hours on tasks like stock taking.
  • Trace the movements and location of RFID-tagged assets in the event of an emergency.
  • Comply with industry regulations through a complete asset audit trail.
  • Receive instant notification of any security violations.
  • Set up a Wavetrend RFID asset tracking solution, without requiring costly alterations to your current system.

Wavetrend offers your business a cost-effective, commercial solution to address the problems associated with poor asset management – loss or theft of equipment and goods, labour-intensive tasks prone to human error, and the constant need to replace critical items. Wavetrend’s hard-wearing RFID tags and readers deliver reliable automated visibility for all your business assets. By ensuring that your resources are where you need them, when you need them, your company’s performance will improve and its profits increase.