Vehicles represent a large outlay for any company and are critical to many operations. Any business with a significant amount invested in its fleet needs the ability to protect these assets and optimise their use. Wavetrend's tracking solutions provide comprehensive security and vehicle management controls, delivering complete peace of mind for your business.

Wavetrend’s active RFID vehicle tracking allows you to:

  • Instantly locate vehicles across large, complex sites.
  • Track vehicles en route in real time.
  • Receive detailed reports on vehicle movement and improve fleet deployment.
  • Prevent theft and unauthorised use of company vehicles.
  • Pinpoint the exact location of any vehicle in the event of an alert.

Wavetrend’s high-performance, tamper-resistant RFID tags and readers have the industry’s best read range, able to track mobile assets over a wide area. Given the value of any one vehicle to your company, the impressive protection that Wavetrend offers makes complete commercial sense. Its value is even more remarkable when you consider that only minimal hardware is required for a system of this kind.

Wavetrend’s hardware is particularly effective in managing government and law enforcement vehicle fleets. Our reliable and flexible solution provides protection and tracking for even the most sensitive applications.