Controlling site and facility access is a growing concern in today's security-conscious world. Many organisations are vulnerable to theft and other security breaches because of poor management of their building or plant's entry points. Wavetrend provides accurate, efficient solutions to all kinds of access control issues.

With Wavetrend RFID-based facility control, you will be able to:

  • Track staff movements, ensuring only authorised personnel enter sensitive areas.
  • Track visitors to your facility and prevent any unauthorised access.
  • Provide reliable automatic gate control for secure sites and gated communities.
  • Automate manual tasks, such as allowing vehicle or visitor access to gated areas.
  • Record staff and visitor movements for complete traceability should a security problem occur.

Wavetrend’s fixed RFID readers will discretely prevent unauthorised access to restricted areas of any site, while permitting the free movement of your authorised personnel or visitors. The hardware’s superior performance and impressive longevity will ensure your company’s security and requires only a small outlay to implement.