A Personnel Evacuation Monitoring solution for improving worker safety and operational efficiency is critical for organizations where speed of evacuation and certainty of all personnel being safely off the plant is essential such as oil and gas refineries, mining operations, pharmaceutical and chemical plants.

Tracking on-site personnel is traditionally accomplished using manual systems such as clipboards and walkie-talkies which rely on personnel to make the action of signing in and out. Wavetrend’s Evacuation Monitoring solution automates this process and provides visibility and situational awareness to support time sensitive decision-making. The solution also provides valuable information for post-event incident investigation and continuous process improvement.

  • 100% tag read rate means no false alarms of missing personnel
  • Fastest possible certainty of site evacuated
  • Locate missing personnel with pin point accuracy
  • Improved safety of personnel

In addition by equipping muster stations with a Wavetrend infrastructure helps you automatically account for personnel in the area, giving you complete visibility of personnel inside as well as outside the building which delivers unparalleled safety and visibility for your staff.