Many companies are faced with major safety problems that can arise from vehicles and personnel working in close proximity.

Whether above ground or below, the problems are essentially the same – vehicle operators suffer from extensive operator blind spots, frequent poor visibility caused by dust or snow, unsealed haul roads, fatigue from long working hours and blind corners.

In this environment, it is almost impossible for the vehicle operator to be fully aware of other personnel and vehicles in the immediate vicinity. A lack of situational awareness by the driver can increase the likelihood of a vehicle/person and vehicle/vehicle collision – this can lead to long-term injuries and fatalities. In this hazardous environment, proper quality of control is not just a regulatory issue, it’s critical to employee health and safety.

The Wavetrend proximity-detection system gives critical imminent warning of collisions waiting to happen. RFID can help companies improve site efficiency – reducing potential unnecessary incidents involving collisions between vehicles and people. With Wavetrend RFID, the driver operator can gain a keen sense of position on the road – whether in relation to other vehicles or personnel within a set proximity.

With clear visibility, driver operators can dramatically reduce the chances of collision with a vehicle or personnel, providing an effective way to reduce risk and improve safety in any site.