Successful companies know that productivity is essential. Time and money is wasted when management is unable to monitor employees' attendance and costs of salaries and overtime can soar if workforce hours are not accurately recorded.

Wavetrend can solve these problems with an automated time and attendance monitoring system, designed to fit easily into your existing infrastructure and deliver detailed information about personnel throughout any organisation.

Wavetrend’s superior active RFID hardware, placed at entry points of sites and facilities, will allow company management to:

  • Increase productivity through efficient use of staff hours.
  • Ensure all staff work the hours for which they are contracted.
  • Reduce absenteeism with careful monitoring of sick leave and missing personnel.
  • Receive warnings when overtime bills reach a certain level.
  • Monitor statutory break times.
  • Reduce overall staffing costs.
  • Instantly locate all personnel and visitors in the case of an emergency.

Personnel management is an important area for cost control, particularly in organisations with a large workforce. Wavetrend’s superior RFID solutions deliver total visibility of all staff and visitors and allow you to manage major expenditure like wage and overtime bills, reducing your overheads and increasing productivity.