Organisations that compete in a global economy require reliable, commercial solutions to issues of logistics, health and safety, regulatory compliance and security. Wavetrend's years of technical experience allows us to satisfy demand for RFID solutions across a wide range of industries and enterprises. An informed and empowered management.

With a Wavetrend RFID solution, company managers remain fully aware of any issues that need their attention. Our tracking capabilities and warning systems allow supervisors to identify areas where operational improvements can be made, to see where key personnel are at all times, and to make informed, time-sensitive decisions in the event of an emergency. Our clients in the fields of healthcare, security and logistics have found Wavetrend’s durable RFID products to be invaluable in their pressurised working environments.

Our active RFID solutions address the complex demands of many business sectors and alongside our experienced team of global partners, Wavetrend has developed and delivered proven, customised solutions to a diverse range of clients. Our technology can be adapted and extended to meet the needs of almost any organisation, whether local or global, and to deliver a strong, measurable, commercial benefit to a wide range of industries.