Wavetrend is a proven leader in the field of RFID access control and security applications.

Our powerful tags and readers are used with great success in many sensitive locations, including hospitals and prisons, and they are equally efficient for establishing restricted access areas in gated communities or any site needing to track large numbers of personnel and visitors. In secure facilities, Wavetrend’s intelligent technology provides accurate, real-time reporting of patient, inmate or visitor movements, controls access to sensitive areas, and enables informed decision-making in the event of an emergency. Our solutions are infinitely adaptable across the security sector:

  • Tracking of all on-site temporary visitors and permanent staff.
  • Restrict access to potentially dangerous areas or restrict exit for vulnerable patients or inmates.
  • Ensure that protected areas are only accessed by authorised people.
  • Receive instant hazard warnings, dramatically reducing response times in emergencies.
  • Monitor time and attendance or mandatory activity schedules.
  • Closely monitor potential security threats, allowing a rapid, targeted response.
  • Reduce the workload and resource requirements of a secure facility through accurate tracking of inmates/patients and key personnel.
  • Comply with government and industry regulations through detailed audits and reporting.
  • Create comprehensive personnel, asset and activity reports to support accurate inventory control at all times.

Using its industry-leading RFID systems, Wavetrend and its partners offer fail-safe customised solutions to ensure protected and productive environments for many secure facilities or areas where access needs to be restricted for any reason. Facility managers, particularly those with stringent tracking requirements, benefit from heightened security as well as vastly improved operational efficiency.