Wavetrend's Accredited Channel Partners in North, Central and South America are listed below. A description of each partner's capabilities and profile is given to help you select the right partner for your needs. All of Wavetrend’s partners have earned their accreditation through training and experience, and will provide high levels of knowledge, service and customer support.


Logo forAcura Technologies Ltd

Acura Technologies Ltd

Solution Provider – Brazil

ACURA Technologies Ltd. is the largest RFID company in Latin America, offering RFID components and solutions for Industrial Automation, Logistics, Access Control and Security areas. With the most comprehensive and complete product line, ACURA covers virtually all RFID applications in the marketplace. Standard and customized transponders, readers and antennas are the base for an RFID system and ACURA provides the best in their classes.

A qualified team of professionals are readily available to provide the necessary support to partners and system integrators. ACURA has branches and representatives all over Latin America, in order to provide the proper assistance and be aware of each application’s details. The ACURA team understands that proximity to their partners is essential to maintain a precise relationship with the products and their employment.

Acura Technologies Ltd
R. Reginata Ducca, 73
Rudge Ramos, Sao Bernardo – SP
Brazil 09626-100
  • Tel: +55 11 4177 3333
Logo forGAO RFID, Inc.


Accredited Channel Partner

GAO RFID Inc. is part of the GAO Group, which was founded in 1992. GAO RFID is a global provider of RFID readers, tags and middleware for multiple verticals including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, DoD, supply chain and logistics. With LocateWare™, a rapid deployment middleware and over 150 different RFID products, GAO RFID designs solutions tailored to a company’s needs and budget.

Our team has global experience in technology consulting, as well as training and site surveys, for a broad variety of companies in the fields of asset management and tracking and supply chain performance. GOA RFID believes that organizations should do what they do best and partner for the rest.

Technical headquarters are based in Toronto. The technical expertise includes wireless, auto ID, and manufacturing and embedded technology.

601 Milner Ave.,
Toronto, Ontario,
M1B 1M8
  • Tel: +1-416-292-0038 x601
Logo forNL Technologies

NL Technologies

Accredited Channel Partner

NL Technologies (NLT) is a Canadian-owned designer and manufacturer of underground lighting and digital communications solutions for the mining industry.

Using a combination of innovative designs, strong distribution channels and an ISO 9001-registered Quality Management System, the Northern Light® has developed into one of the most widely used underground lighting systems and is the choice of contractors and mines alike.

Building on the solid reputation of NLT’s lighting solutions, Northern Light Digital™ was launched in 2004 to focus on designing and implementing digital communication systems. The core philosophies and values that bridge NL Technologies’ primary business with digital products remain crucial to the success of the company:

  • a strong commitment to market research and development
  • product solutions that are engineered to enhance safety and productivity
  • the pursuit of excellence in everything we do
  • a belief that “good enough” is merely a starting point
  • NL Technologies is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has two regional offices:
NL Technologies
33 Laird Drive
Toronto, ON, Canada
M4G 3S8
  • Tel: + 1.416.425.6559
Logo forRFID Canada

RFID Canada

About RFID Canada

RFID Canada is a leading technology provider with 26 plus years’ experience in providing solutions including passive and active RFID (radio frequency identification) and NFC (near field communication). RFID Canada warrants its success in identifying and developing comprehensive solutions in partnership with some of the most innovative companies, such as software providers, engineering firms, automation companies and system integrators that provide solutions to specific vertical markets domestically and globally

Comprehensive Professional Services

RFID Canada provides a comprehensive host of professional services encompassing all stages of a project life cycle from inception to post implementation support. The depth, breadth and diversity of our services complement our complete hardware and software product offerings enabling us to provide full solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. These services are delivered in all areas of automatic identification data capture (AIDC) industry, including radio frequency identification (RFID), near field communication (NFC), barcode & printing technologies as well data capture and processing of the most advanced computing platforms or in real time deploying local and wide area wireless networks.

Logo foridGen


idGen provides software solutions that enable high-technology innovation, development of improved processes and addressing of key business needs through the use of radio frequency identification (RFID). We guarantee our customers’ projects will be highly successful through our creativity, our use of the latest technology and the real commitment of each of the involved areas of our business, our strategic alliances and our business partners.

Services available:

  • Analysis of business processes in operation for the implementation of RFID
  • Definition of methodologies for RFID adoption
  • RFID Site Survey
  • Design of Integrated RFID System to the operation
  • Analysis of ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Interface development (middleware) for ERPs
  • Pre-Pilot and Pilot Implementation
  • Integrated On-site Training
  • Software solutions tailored based on the use of RFID
Alajuela, Tropicana Norte, edificio 35
Alajuela, Costa Rica, 2396-4050
  • Tel: +506 2430 2898
  • Fax: +506 2430 2938
Logo forPoli Tecnologia Global (PTG)

Poli Tecnologia Global (PTG)

Strategic Partner – Mexico

Poli Tecnologia Global (PTG) is the largest public safety, law enforcement, criminal justice, criminal analysis and intelligence solution Provider Company in Mexico. Offering a wide range of innovative software and value added solutions for the Police and Government in both federal and local jurisdictions.

Poli Tecnologia Global (PTG) has integrated Wavetrend’s scalable technology platform within its dynamic edge server architecture, which is ideally suited to tracking vehicles in an urban environment, across countries and borders. In conjunction with its easy to use SERFIS application (enterprise radio frequency services) and dynamic correlators, this solution is ideal for applications such as: criminal analysis’s and police intervention, tracking and recovering stolen vehicles, mobile computing for identification and tracking of vehicles in real time.

Poli Tecnologia Global (PTG)
Kantunil 140
El pedregal zona urbano
Mexico D.F, Tlalpan 14100
  • Tel: +52 55 5593-1853
Logo forSilent Partner Technologies

Silent Partner Technologies

Silent Partner Technologies (SPT) designs and markets real-time data visibility applications for tracking, locating, and monitoring assets (products, equipment and people). Our RFID centered solutions enable various companies in many industries to save time and reduce costs associated with tracking locations, counting and movement of any type of asset.

Our solutions comprise of the latest development environments and hardware technology from independent “best of breed” providers of various RFID and cellular technologies. We take the time to listen to our prospects’ needs to construct the solution that is unique to the client. SPT’s ongoing value proposition is to provide the “right solution for the specific problem”.

Our management and development staff has extensive experience in data collection, RFID, wireless and cellular technologies that spans 30 years. This wealth of intelligence is reflected in our final products. We work with our partner network to implement and support solutions for public safety, senior care, government (local, state and national), education, security and Arts & Entertainment.

We are based in Tampa, Florida and work with partners to provide our products around the world. Please contact us if you would like additional information.

Logo forBlueBean


Accredited Channel Partner

BlueBean is a RFID consulting and systems integration company that focuses exclusively on RFID solutions and simplifying the implementation of RFID technology. We guarantee our clients a solution that successfully meets their business needs based on our real world knowledge, extensive expertise, and certifications from the top RFID manufacturers. BlueBean provides a custom roadmap of the steps required to achieve your goals and offers services and resources to implement the solution. RFID services include design, hardware and software selection, installation, implementation, integration with existing systems, maintenance and support. We also offer packaged solutions to common RFID situations. We strive to make the client’s RFID deployment as simple and easy as possible.

U.S. Headquarters
BlueBean LLC
5636 Ottawa Pass
Carmel, IN 46033
  • Tel: (800) 966-7343
Logo forInteractive Lot Technologies

Interactive Lot Technologies

Interactive Lot Technologies provides advanced 21st century asset tracking solutions based on RFID technologies.

We specialize in vehicle and equipment tracking on large lots. We develop applications for car dealers, car and equipment rental agencies, car auctions, auto depots, vehicle manufacturers and distributors, construction, trucking and container companies. Our systems can be either Web based or locally hosted. We identify business needs; design and create application-specific user interface with a set of comprehensive reports that provide useful business statistics. Our systems can be fully integrated with legacy software. Our systems allow dramatically reducing the time needed to locate valuable assets thus improving both business effectiveness and security. This helps monitoring, streamlining and better controlling processes involved in moving, maintaining and utilizing vehicles or assets and easily tracking employee performance as well.

We design and manufacture portable RFID tracking devices that allow tracking assets in places where permanent system installation is not feasible. We stride to provide customers with the highest quality, most effective and cost efficient RFID based tracking systems on the market.

Interactive Lot Technologies
107 Lakeside Dr.
Southampton PA 18966
  • Tel: 215 3552292
  • Fax: 215 3552293


MOVILTRACK prides itself in seeing your business grow by researching, developing and creating new ways to generate ROI for you resources and processes. Founded in Mexico in 2002, MOVILTRACK prides itself on a thorough tecnical background, allowing us to research and develop wireless solutions to track, monitor and control assets. Based in Mexico City, MOVILTRACK’S mission is to identify and develop business opportunities in the wireless sector.

En MOVILTRACK, el deseo por ver crecer a su empresa, es nuestro impulso de cada día para investigar, desarrollar y crear nuevas formas de generar ahorros y dar valor a sus recursos. Es una empresa mexicana fundada a principios del 2002, con la profunda vocación tecnológica, dedicada principalmente a la Investigación y Desarrollo de Tecnología Inalámbrica para el control y monitoreo de activos. Basada en la Ciudad de México y fundada con la misión de identificar y desarrollar nuevas oportunidades de negocio proporcionando soluciones y servicios integrales en el área de aplicaciones inalámbricas.

S.A de C.V.
Viaducto Tlalpan Sur 26B
México D.F. 14370
  • Tel: +52 (55) 5603 5883
  • Tel: +52 (55) 5671 0338