Wavetrend's Accredited Channel Partners in North, Central and South America are listed below. A description of each partner's capabilities and profile is given to help you select the right partner for your needs. All of Wavetrend’s partners have earned their accreditation through training and experience, and will provide high levels of knowledge, service and customer support.


Logo forAcura Technologies Ltd

Acura Technologies Ltd

Solution Provider – Brazil

ACURA Technologies Ltd. is the largest RFID company in Latin America, offering RFID components and solutions for Industrial Automation, Logistics, Access Control and Security areas. With the most comprehensive and complete product line, ACURA covers virtually all RFID applications in the marketplace. Standard and customized transponders, readers and antennas are the base for an RFID system and ACURA provides the best in their classes.

A qualified team of professionals are readily available to provide the necessary support to partners and system integrators. ACURA has branches and representatives all over Latin America, in order to provide the proper assistance and be aware of each application’s details. The ACURA team understands that proximity to their partners is essential to maintain a precise relationship with the products and their employment.

Acura Technologies Ltd
R. Reginata Ducca, 73
Rudge Ramos, Sao Bernardo – SP
Brazil 09626-100
  • Tel: +55 11 4177 3333