Wavetrend's Accredited Channel Partners in Asia are listed below. A description of each partner's capabilities and profile is given to help you select the right partner for your needs. All of Wavetrend’s partners have earned their accreditation through training and experience, and will provide high levels of knowledge, service and customer support.


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Gemini Communication Ltd

Solution Provider / Reseller – India

Gemini Communication Ltd. has developed expertise in RFID since Oct 2001 on R&D effort & application innovation practice and is now IndiaÕs leading provider of RFID solutions and premier RFID knowledge house. TRAZE Solutions represent the most comprehensive range of RFID products and technology, from transponders and smart labels to readers, antennas, software and application support. Their series of products comprises the Low frequency (134.2 KHz) High frequency (13.56 MHz), Very High Frequency (433 MHz), Ultra High Frequency (867 MHz) range. TRAZE RFID solutions focus on five core sectors: 1. Enterprise 2. Industrial 3. Transportation 4. Healthcare 5. Retail

TRAZE was created with a vision to revolutionize the Automatic Identification segment by deploying breakthrough RFID systems. Today, as TRAZE is delivering customer success in pursuit of their vision, the widespread adoption of RFID and the process of approach to market accelerated through its numerous partnerships with System Integrators, Middleware, and hardware companies.

Technical headquarters are based in Chennai, the technical team comprises of experts from semiconductor, wireless, auto ID and other industries which creates a unique blend that is positioned to help our customers achieve success as they evaluate, pilot and deploy RFID technology. With over 25 sales and support centers across the prime cities in India, Gemini is well positioned to drive RFID implementation in India with quality back-end support services to better the expectations of clients.

Gemini Communication Ltd
1, Dr.Ranga Road
Chennai -600 018 India