Wavetrend offers a variety of Active 433MHz hardware products for the real-time tracking of people and assets including Active Tags, Readers, and Antennas which can be deployed to create a comprehensive Active RFID infrastructure.

Wavetrend tags are generally categorised as Personnel or Asset Tags and can be enhanced with the following options to address specific application requirements which include;

  • Motion Sensor – to detect or monitor the movement of tagged assets or personnel
  • Accelerometer – contains a three axial accelerometer with X,Y,Z and alarm reporting.
  • Sensor Tags – temperature, humidity and custom sensor options
  • Dual Technology – supporting both Active and multiple Passive RFID Technologies
  • Hazard Tags – for hazardous environments including ATEX Zone 0, ICEPEX, and Intrinsically Safe certifications
  • Anti-Tamper – tamper alarm if a tag is removed from an asset

Wavetrend offers the range of Activ™ tags for purchase by customers in countries and regions outside of the USA and Canada. For customers in the USA and Canada, please refer to our ActivDuo™ range of tags.

Wavetrend offers several different types of Active Readers depending on connectivity requirements which includes Serial, WiFi or Ethernet/LAN POE ensuring that Wavetrend can provide an appropriate choice for your application. In addition Wavetrend can advise and supply a wide range of antennas to provide a precise solution for an application requirement.

In addition to the universal hardware platform Wavetrend offers a Complete .Net SDK (Software Development Kit) for the RX210 Serial Reader and a Windows Service for the Network Reader ie IP connected reader enabling the quick development of custom RFID applications.